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SJ Sports Therapy

Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage


Sports Massage - Legs

Massage is the manipulating of superficial and deep muscle and connective tissue using various techniques to help enhance function, relieve muscle tension, reduce postural defects and aid the healing and remodelling process.  

Massage is used for:

  • Pre-event (Stimulation of muscles, increasing blood flow, increasing flexibility)
  • Post-Event (Removal of waste products, reduce tension, speed up recovery)
  • Reducing tone and tightness
  • Relieving tension and aches
  • Scar tissue remodelling 
  • Deep Tissue and Fascial release
  • Restoring postural alignment 
Team Sports Massage

Frequent/Competitive Athletes

Massage is recommended to competitive athletes and sports players every 1-3 weeks. Not only does it enhance function but it also plays a big part in injury prevention and recovery time.