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SJ Sports Therapy

Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation

We believe that having an overall understanding of your injury, history and lifestyle is essential in order for us to be confident we have given you the correct diagnosis, but also to ensure that we provide you with a personalised plan to provide the best results for you.

We may take more time to assess the injury and understand why it is happening, simply than just fixing the pain! This prevents the injury returning!

Typically we will want to understand in as much detail how the injury was caused, whether that was trauma related or wear and tear perhaps.

We will then assess posture, joint mobility and perform specific tests to form a picture of the likely problem.

Once a diagnosis has been formed, we can then push you in the right direction to have you back doing what you love. 


We don’t believe in spending a lifetime on the treatment couch, we will work with you to get you back to your optimal performance through the means of exercise rehabilitation and professional and easy to go by advice. Each client is seen as an individual, therefore treatment is tailored to you. Whether that involves using the excellent fitness facilities that we are based in or simple home exercise plans. There's no ready to go/print out 'shoulder pain solutions' from us! 

What next…

Don’t be afraid of feeling lost after treatment, we offer continuing support to help you get back to whatever it is you love doing and keeping you there!